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Deal of the week

Tax-free jiggery-pokery

Holden Meehan, London-based independent financial advisers, open at 9am on Monday. Bear this in mind when considering this bargain. Holden Meehan is one of the few advisers left in the UK which still has access to a Scottish Widows Extra Income & Growth PEP, a five-year fund which guarantees tax-free income of 8 per cent or 45 per cent tax free at the end of the investment period. Clever tax jiggery-pokery means investors can park both their pounds 6,000 general PEP allowance and pounds 3,000 single company PEP, pounds 9,000 in all. You can also transfer your duff PEPs into this fund. Any drawbacks? You trade safety for further growth. And Holden Meehan only has pounds 200,000 available. Call 0171-692 1700.

Nic Cicutti