Accepted automotive wisdom is that the best executive car on the planet is the BMW 5 series. Runner up is probably a Mercedes E-Class, but the model most often overlooked is the Audi A6. Unlike the more obvious BMWs and Mercs, the Audi is understated, refined and utterly reliable, with a wonderfully classy cabin.

Although Audis depreciate quicker than their German rivals, they are not cheap. So it was refreshing to find Fleet Car Sales in Leeds (0113 276 1321) offering a 1995, 51,000 mile, P-registered A6 1.8 SE for pounds 9,750. Not the fastest Audi in the range but, with air conditioning, certainly well equipped. The price was at least pounds 500 less than what the majority of car dealers would be asking. A subtle and very sensible bargain.