RBS Advanta this week launched the lowest ever interest rate on credit cards in the UK, charging 5.9 per cent APR (0.486 per cent a month) on unpaid balances from both purchases and balance transfers, and this is fixed until March next year.

However, credit card users with a conscience can apply for a Little Red Card, a Visa card that has been offered by Comic Relief and People's Bank. There is no annual fee, and the card is accepted in 14 million outlets around the world. The card charges 7.9 per cent APR on unpaid balances fixed until January next - the lowest ever charity card interest rate - it offers up to 56 days free credit and donates pounds 5 to Comic Relief.for each new card issued and used within 90 days of issue, then 50p for each pounds 100 spent or transferred to the card. Call free on 0800-0569569 for details.