Vac-Man competition

The answer: Stretch Armstrong's dog is called "Fetch Armstrong". The 10 winners are: Stephen Lawton, Duncan J. Corns, Mr Sims, James Bieda, J R Forsyth, Paul Westwood, Robin Long, Mrs J Baker, Nick Kemp, Sean Govier.

Overheard at Harrods grotto

Alia Hassan, aged 6: "Santa gave me a book but didn't read it with me. He asked me what I want for Christmas. I said a Pocahontas Village set and a puppy. I have never had one. I only have a bird and I can't play with it"

Rebecca Thomas, aged 5: "I always come here. I asked for magic pens that change colour and some mouse stickers"

Good thing

Rubber egg cups, pounds 16 for four

These chunky rubber rings are wasted as egg cups. Not that they wouldn't look groovy on your breakfast table - in colours of lime green, peach, yellow and clear - but they have a wonderfully squidgy quality that makes them great fun to play with, stacking them in towers and so on. Small children would love them, too. A great present for friends who think they have seen everything. From Stephen Bretland, Ground Floor, 30 Underwood St, London N1 7JX (Tel/fax: 0171-251 5343) Add p&p to price.

Bestsellers Top 10 items sold at Spymaster

These may not be the most festive presents, but would-be Bonds will love you for ever. The big buy at the moment at Spymaster is bullet- and stab-proof vests, bought by policeman's wives and Bosnia-bound reporters. The tabloid hack in your life might appreciate a transmitting clock radio, which has a built-in camera for recording politicians' indiscretions. And some lucky person is going to get a breathing observation bubble - a sort of underwater scooter - in their stocking. Two were sold just last week.

1 Christmas spy kit pounds 195

2 Bullet-proof vests from pounds 465

3 Stopatak personal protection alarm pounds 59

4 Compass watch pounds 675

5 Night vision goggles pounds 1,750

6 Briefcase satellite communications system pounds 14,100

7 Breathing observation bubble pounds 25,000 for two

8 Pocket thermal blanket. pounds 6

9 Transmitting clock radio and receiver pounds 13,500

10 Rucksack ladder pounds 425

Spymaster is at 3 Portman Square, London W1

Mad thing

Salt &pepper pots on wheels, pounds 29.95 the pair

If you are already feeling too weighed down by the excesses of the season to find enough energy to pass the salt and pepper, you'd better put these on your Christmas list. Park them in the middle of the table and then give them a quick nudge in the direction of whoever needs to season their turkey or sprouts. But beware: things could quickly degenerate as they are bound to spark fond memories of Scalextric sets. From The Conran Shop, 81 Fulham Road, London SW3 6RD. Call 0171-589 7401 for mail-order details