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Good thing

The Click Rack, pounds 9.99 & pounds 14.99

The Click Rack is a modular storage system designed for inconvenient spaces. Create bottle storage in the wasted space under the stairs or stack bottles safely in the fridge, simply by clicking together the plastic hoops. A cunning little product, designed to challenge the restrictions of modern living.

Vacu Products, call 01264 332821 for your nearest stockist

Mad thing

Wooden Banana Tree, pounds 6.99

Who in their right mind would use a fruit bowl for their bananas when they could have a tree instead? Apparently this peculiar take on the shrub for cups is more than mere gimmickry, it actually aids ripening, and reduces bruising.

McCord Design by Mail: 01793-433 499

The cream of cream teas

The cream tea is as symbolic of English summertime as warm rain and Wimbledon. The best cream teas are served in Devon, according to Ron Boulter of the Dartmoor Tourist Association and owner of Lydford House Hotel. "Although some establishments in Devon use commercial jams, most make home-made scones and that makes the difference. Of course genuine Devon clotted cream can't be beaten for the taste and texture." There is dispute over the correct method of serving the cream tea. "Butter is not traditionally served," says Ron. "The jam should be spread onto the scone first and the cream on top of that." It is a point he often clarifies to tourists, especially Americans who are apparently fascinated with them "I've heard of b&bs in the states that serve the teas with cream cheese because they don't have the dairy cows to produce the right milk!" They might be interested to know that producers in Devon sell scones and cream via mail-order.

Jams, however are easier to come by. Burberry's produce Strawberries and Champagne jam, and Wilkin & Sons of Tiptree this year celebrate the centenary of their supreme Little Scarlet Strawberry Conserve which is made with a special Alpine wild strawberry. The fruit is much smaller than a normal strawberry, has a deeper colour and rich flavour. So renowned is the unique conserve that it's even the favourite of James Bond according to his creator Ian Flemming.

Mail order scones enquiries tel: 01334 472201.