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Good thing

Georgina von Etzdorf Interiors Collection, from pounds 65.00

If you are a fan of Georgina von Etzdorf's scarves you'll be pleased to know that she has launched a range of soft furnishings. Now you can fill your home with cushions, throws, bean-bags and bolsters in rich velvet, cashmere and taffeta, all decorated with her distinctive designs. To complete the effect you should invest in a little something from her lounge-wear collection which includes night-dresses, printed-velvet and satin-crepe dressing gowns and velvet slippers.

For more information call: 0171-245 1066

Mad thing

Limited Edition Fly Fishing CD Rom Game, pounds 34.99

You've guessed it - it's by JR Hartley, the fictitious fragile fisherman who has gone from preposterous TV sentimentality to releasing state-of- the-art interactive software. The world of virtual fly-fishing is yours without the need for waders as this computer simulation gives you the sights and sounds of game fishing rivers. A library of information also provides photographs and animations on the subject. The weather behaves realistically (it's bad), while the fish deploy their Fish Artificial Intelligence - "based on statistical analysis" - to avoid capture. Cooking them doesn't seem to be an option.

Available from major bookshops and retail software outlets

Checkout BS8, Park Street, Bristol, 0117-930 4836

Concept: It's as if London's Hyper Hyper, Camden Market and Neal Street teamed up and re-located to Bristol. BS8 is a colourful -purple and orange -indoor market. This shopaholics paradise offers everything you'd hope to experience in one day's shopping squeezed under one roof.

Image: Enter into the mellow yellows and happening reds which splash the walls, add thundering music, mixed live by local DJs, shake, stir. The result? An ambient, ever changing, clubby place to shop.

Stock: The first floor and basement house a maze of clothes units which boast club wear labels from Paul Tunstall, Fille A Suivre to Diesel and Buffalo footwear. You can also buy glad rags designed by the shopkeepers themselves -rags being the operative word considering the price of some of these garments. Watch the DJs spin on the decks whilst you decide between Madonna's `Material Girl' or the latest house mix in the music section. Had enough? Chill out upstairs and view local art work, refuel at the on-site cafe. If you feel in need of a complete image change to go with all those funky new clothes, get a hair cut on the top floor

Customers: Mostly trendy, 20-something west country clubbers ("that rave last night was serious man"). There are occasional sightings of ageing ravers, and middle aged parents hover by tills, credit cards in hand, while teenagers decide between the PVC or the lycra.

Best buy: Second hand shirts, around pounds 7, and denim jackets from pounds 30, from Sobey's Vintage Clothing. If a haircut counts as a `buy', they're very good at pounds 10.

Worst buy: Badly made, luminous orange `jungle dress' by Freeway 101 (pounds 52.99).