Eco Bin, pounds 19.99

Turn your shopping bags into waste baskets with the Eco Bin. Just hang the bag on the stainless-steel frame, then open and close the bin with the foot-operated mechanism. Looks depend on the quality of your carriers, but the bin comes with two smart re-usable brown-paper bags. From the McCord catalogue, full of well-designed

household goodies (01793 433499)

Snipe biodegradable shoes, from pounds 54.95

Made from natural materials - the sole is natural rubber, the leather prepared by a non-polluting vegetable tanning process - these last as long as normal shoes but, when discarded, biodegrade totally. They also come with a beech seed, plus planting instructions. From Boot Tree, 1 Addison Bridge Place, London W14 8XP (0800 132194); mail order available

Today is "No Shop Day", that's why. This is the fifth annual event aiming to make people aware of the effects of consumerism on the environment, and to make us think about the amounts we buy and whether our Western lifestyles are sustainable in the long term. It is organised by Vancouver- based anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters.

In Canada tomorrow Adbusters will be urging Canadians to "give it a rest". In the UK the event will be launched at 11am today in Market Street, Manchester, by anti-consumerism campaigners Enough. Their main target is the advertising industry, which, the organisers feel, continually eggs the consumer on by telling us that whatever we have is never enough.

They will be holding their own spoof advertising shoot of a soft drink called Happiness and passers-by will be filmed taking the first sip. Volunteers will also be giving out leaflets to encourage people to give their credit cards a day off. Enough has contacted other anti-consumerist groups up and down the country, but the pick-up rate has been slow. So there's no danger of consumer warriors jumping out at you from every street corner today. Well, not this year anyway.

Enough: 0161-237 1630

Bestsellers Top 10 in The Innovations Catalogue

1 Tectron drill-bit set pounds 15.95

2 Radio-controlled alarm clock pounds 29.95

3 Radio-controlled wall clock pounds 39.95

4 Radio-controlled watch pounds 24.95

5 Telerecorder pounds 149

6 1,000 personalised labels pounds 6.95-pounds 8.95

7 Elysee hair removal system pounds 49.95

8 All-Terrain sports sandals pounds 29.95

9 Strahl unbreakable glasses from pounds 19.95 for six

10 Dyson dual cyclone vacuum cleaner pounds 215

For Innovations: The Report, call 0990 222 594

Correction: Body Shop's new Vitamin E body lotion, in the shops from 1 October, costs pounds 3.80 for 250ml - not a very expensive pounds 11.50 for 250ml, as we said in this space last week.