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Good thing

Love knot perfume bottle, pounds 58.75

If the Design Museum's exhibition of 40 perfume flasks, Treasures of Faberge, has you feeling rather covetous then it's probably time you visited The Glasshouse. Here you can toy with the idea of investing in a modern masterpiece by David Taylor (how about his Five Stopper Bottle at pounds 4,500?), or Fleur Tookey whose Love Knot Scent Bottles are shown above. Perfect for re-packaging those cheap and cheerful scents you can buy on street corners from men with suitcases.

The Glasshouse, 0171-359 8162

The Design Museum, 0171 378 6055

Mad thing

Five-piece Twig Bronze Flatware, pounds 23.50 Eat outdoors in perfect comouflaged harmony. While one end of this cutlery is as you would expect, the forged handles rapidly become horticulturally shaped. Slip the cotton napkin through their Flower Pot Napkin Rings and the ensemble is complete. English Garden Collection (catalogue line, freephone 0800 10300)

Reader offer

We have fifty bottles of Monsoon eau de toilette spray, worth pounds 18.95 each, to give away. The perfume combines the scent of jungle lily, gardenia, ylang ylang with warmer notes of sandlewood and amber, and comes in an award winning bottle.

Write to: Monsoon/Independent, Coty, 17 Cavendish Square, London W1M 0HE by August 14.