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If you are toying with the idea of splashing out on a limited edition Filofax, why not really push the boat out and treat yourself to a little something from Montblanc, the classy pen manufacturer, to go with it? Here are the top ten sellers in their distinctive Meisterstuck range - you know the one: glossy black with a splosh of white on the end.

Meisterstuck small ballpoint pounds 109

Meisterstuck small fountain pen pounds 159

Meisterstuck medium fountain pen pounds 220

Meisterstuck small mechanical pencil pounds 109

Leather pouch for 1 pen pounds 39

Meisterstuck large fountain pen pounds 280

Meisterstuck traveller pen pounds 259

Meisterstuck rollerball pounds 135

Leather notebook pounds 49

Leather business card holder pounds 49

Good thing

Father's day mug pounds 2.50

For a perfect, and very worthy Father's day present all you need to do is rush out and buy a bottle of Daddies Tomato Ketchup, send your proof of purchase and a cheque for pounds 2.50 to Daddies and they will donate 25p to the NSPCC and send your father an `I love my Daddy' mug. The promotion is expected to raise at least pounds 80,000 for the NSPCC's work with neglected and abused children. The offer closes on Father's day, June 16.

Mad thing

Seafood shopper, pounds 18.00

Stroll along the beach carrying your swimming kit and picnic in this fab beach bag. Made of waterproof red plastic hessian, with green hose- pipe handles, the bag is decorated with plastic lobsters, crabs, starfish and mussels and little sprigs of seaweed.

Octopus, call 0171-836 2911 for mail order