Bestsellers Top 10 items sold at Lillywhites

Ping Single Golf Balls pounds 2.50

Wilson Sting Hammer Tennis Racket pounds 99.99

SportRider Fitness Machines from HealthRider pounds 199.99

Mitre Ultima Premier League Football pounds 12.99

Wilson 1200 set of irons (steel) pounds 275.99

Berghaus Activity Fleece pounds 74.99

Football replica jerseys pounds 36.99

Bauer FX3 skates pounds 79.99

Nike Field Trainers pounds 24.99

Columbia Longs Peak Men's and Ladies' Jackets pounds 179.99

Out of this World

Clifton Down Shopping Centre, Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2NN (0117 973 2518)

What is it? A new concept in retailing. A sign on the door reads: "Out of this World is a consumer co-op and this is your shop owned by you the customers."

What this means: You can only shop here if you become a member (pounds 5 for life). They are currently offering a free, three-month trial membership.

Appearance: Bright and airy mini-market with a social conscience and a global theme. There is a Japanese section, an area devoted to South American and African crafts and so on. Placards with information about the environment cover the walls in an attempt to prove that shopping can be a learning experience, not just a leisure activity.

What can I buy? Food, gifts, make-up, clothes and books, but the choice is limited - there is only one range of clothing, and it only comes in one colour. The stock is chosen because it conforms to one of five categories: healthy eating, community development, fair trade, animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Consequently the shelves are stacked with plenty of things you would be hard pushed to find anywhere else - Manymoons washable menstrual pads, for example. A weekly shop here would be tricky and expensive. Organic avocados are pounds 1.29 each, grapefruit 95p, Savoy cabbage 90p, washed carrots 69p per pound and muddy carrots 63p per pound. There are Linda McCartney's sausages in abundance as well as a wide range of vegan products including Rice Dream non-dairy beverage at pounds 1.79 a litre.

Who shops here? A mixed crowd: sightseers and the member shoppers. People from every age group and cultural background imaginable. But are they committed enough to animal welfare, fair trade and environmental issues to shop here regularly enough for the venture to work?

Unexpected pleasures: The white-board in the corner on which customers write their suggestions. Current concerns: "Organic eggs?"; "Broccoli please & no music!", which provoked someone else to reply, "There was some Michael Nyman playing while I was here which I liked!"

Supreme Stainless Bird Feeder, pounds 24.95

Peanut feeders come in many shapes and sizes and we are told that the apparent simplicity of their wire mesh designs is the result of much research and effort. The challenge, it seems, is to ensure that the feeders are squirrel proof. Not only is this little number given a three-star Squirrel Defence Rating (SDR) by CJ Wildbird Foods Ltd, it's also one of the few feeders which can withstand the beak of the Ring-necked Parakeet.

CJ Wildbird Foods Ltd, The Rea, Upton Magna, Shrewsbury SY4 4UB (01743 709545 for a catalogue)

Bronze and Stainless steel Bird Feeder, pounds 250

This fabulous flight of fancy is every twticher's dream, guaranteed to lure the birds into your garden, once they've got used to it, that is. Designer, Stephen Einhorn said it took a few days for the birds to brave the feeder's exotic curly perches but pretty soon they were flocking to eat from the nut-filled bar which hangs in the centre.

Stephen Einhorn Ltd, 210 Upper Street, London N11RL (0171 359 4977)