Bazaar: Checkout The Cross, London W11

For mail order call 0171-727 6760
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What Is It? An airy, whitewashed beach-house of a shop in ritzy Holland Park, filled with clothes, and home and fashion accessories. It showcases young designers, whose experimental, handmade designs can be expensive.

The shop's stock? Intriguing, theatrical bags, including capacious teddy bear-fur tote bags (from pounds 95), Isabel Dodd's punky black latex shoppers (from pounds 72) and Sam Heskia's beaded evening bags (from pounds 125). Dalmatian- print wraps by Camilla Ridley (from pounds 59)) and foxy fake-fur stoles by up-and-coming label Jacksons (from pounds 60). There's also a wildly eclectic collection of accessories for the home: wool and felt blankets in strong pastels (from pounds 260); modernist Sixties glass (from pounds 30); eccentric hologram- effect sponge bags (from pounds 24.50).

Who shops there? On a good day, customers get to mingle with regulars Christy Turlington and Neneh Cherry.

Best and worst buys: Beautifully boxed soaps labelled 'Filthy', 'Dirty' and 'Grubby'(pounds 14.50) make fun gifts, but don't be tempted by twee frosted tumblers decorated with New Age fish and flowers - an unexpected aberration.

Good thing

Bentley Belt, pounds 24.95

Tiny children are useless in arm bands as they don't keep their chins out of the drink. The buoyant embrace of a rubber ring is far more suitable. The Bentley Belt goes one better as its little vest attaches the child more securely to its salvation. This is not, as they say on the packaging, a life saving device.

Hill Toy Company: 01765 689955

Mad thing

Mobile phone covers, pounds 39.95.

Members of the public who glare at passing mobile phone users will again be turning their heads and tutting, as mobile maniacs equip themselves with the ultimate posing pouch: a leather mobile phone cover, available in a range of hip and vibrant shades. Harrods 0171-730 1234