We asked a selection of shops how much they would charge for repadding and webbing the seat in a drop-in dining-room chair and completely reupholstering a Parker Knowle-type wing chair. Not including fabric

BEXHILL Kent's Upholstery Specialists (01424-215614) seat: pounds 20; chair: 'We normally do the classic Parker Knowle Penshurst for about pounds 230. Anything over pounds 300 sounds rather high'

EDINBURGH Devine Upholstery (0131-661 5533) seat: pounds 12; chair: 'Either side of pounds 200. You'll get someone who'll do it for pounds 150, but it'll be a pounds 150 job. pounds 400 could be fair if it's antique'

James Erskine (0131-447 3135)

seat: pounds 40; chair: pounds 200-pounds 220

HARROGATE David South (01423-712022) seat: 'ormally pounds 80 a pair'; chair: 'You're not talking more than pounds 200 to do a large wing chair. Even if there were problems with the woodwork, it wouldn't be much more than pounds 200'

LIVERPOOL Maghull Upholstery (0151-920 9204) seat: pounds 7; chair: pounds 80-pounds 150

LONDON Brass Tacks (0181-907 2612) seat: pounds 30; tchair: pounds 250-pounds 300

Classic Re-Upholstery (0181-459 6459) seat: pounds 10; chair: pounds 150-pounds 175

Kendal Furniture Restorations, NW3 (0171-435 4351) seat: pounds 25; chair: about pounds 430, all in

SOUTHPORT Lancashire Upholstery (01704-535820): seat: pounds 10-pounds 20; chair: pounds 200-pounds 220. 'You're better off calling in to upholsterers, though. They work out of garages and all sorts.'

TUNBRIDGE WELLS: Rare Chairs, (08920521783) seat: pounds 18; chair: 'pounds 200, as long as there's nothing wrong with the frame'

YORK Camerons (01904-610475) seat: pounds 15-pounds 18; chair: pounds 150-pounds 180