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"If I'd been born a woman with this mentality, I'd probably be a prostitute" says Bruce, who has been with his wife, Ann, for 16 years. He's slept with18 women since then and even though he says he loves his family to death, he has no intention of changing. Ann isn't happy about the situation but she deals with it, or it seems like she deals with it until she confronts him. "There's more to life than sex," she snaps, and you can hear the anger crackle in her voice. Not for Bruce there isn't.

"For The Man Who Has Everything", the first part of Infidelity, a three- part documentary series, focuses on men who play away. Brief Encounter it ain't - there's no holding back for the sake of the marriage here; these men do what they have to do to get what they want. What ensures this is compelling viewing is their honesty before the camera, and it almost makes them sympathetic - until you see how their actions have chipped away at the strength and self-esteem of their partners. Kevin dated Jo and Cheryl simultaneously for nearly a decade and claims to have been in love with them both. He met Jo when she was just 16. "He's seriously f---ed up and he's done that to me as well. I'm not the same person I used to be," she says, and her voice cracks. "I know I'm a bastard," says Kevin disarmingly.

Kev, I'm just going to have to agree with you there. EH

'For The Man Who Has Everything', the first part of 'Infidelity', shows on ITV this Thursday at 9pm.