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IF THE question "name a famous photographer" were asked in Family Fortunes, David Bailey's would surely come up most often. On Thursday an exhibition of his photos opens at the Barbican, entitled Birth of the Cool. It has some superb pictures that Bailey took from 1957-1969 - classic images of Lennon and McCartney, Andy Warhol and Michael Caine as well as the models of the day. Bailey liked (and no doubt still does) a nice pair of pins, so when you see leggy pictures of Jean Shrimpton, you can bet he was enjoying himself. AB

Birth of the Cool, until 27 June, at The Barbican Art Gallery, London EC2. Admission pounds 6, concessions pounds 4; after 5pm, Mon-Fri, pounds 3. Tel: 0171 382 7105.

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BABYWORLD.CO.UK sounds like the perfect alibi for expectant fathers who just can't unglue themselves from the Web. It is the only UK-based pregnancy website, providing information from ways to conceive, to your baby's horoscope. It also has experts on hand to give advice geared towards the British consumer. Babyworld has set up a special club for wannabe Y2K parents. To join, you must be due around 1 January 2000. But the rest of us will also be able to follow the progress of the mums via their on-line pregnancy diaries, which will culminate with a live on-line birth. Wonder how many surfing dads will sit through that? IK

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WHEN THE Duffer of St George launched its version of the "wallabee" moccasin two years ago, it was treading on thin ice. Unflatteringly, it resembled an apple turnover - yet it sold like hotcakes. No reason to suspect then that Duffer's new spring/ summer 1999 "negative heel" shoe (price pounds 80) won't do the same. Actually, the shoe, whose heel is lower than its toe (work that one out), is new-old. It was invented in 1970 by Danish yoga teacher Anne Nalso. Known originally as the Earth Shoe, it aimed "to simulate the print of a bare foot in soft earth, with the heel placed lower than the toes to relieve forward pressure and promote better posture". However, it's doubtful whether fans of Duffer's version, among them Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher, pad about in them for this (dubious) ergonomic reason. They're more likely to see them as hip because, says Duffer, hey-maaan dudes Francis Ford Coppola and Black Panther Huey Newton wore them in the Seventies. What's more, updated for the Nineties blade, Duffer's negative heel shoe boasts platypus-wide toes and Velcro fastenings - so summer 1999. DL

Duffer of St George (tel: 0171 920 7700).

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Vodka that's good for you - now that sounds like an inspired marketing ploy. And Swedish vodka-makers Svenska are making great use of this angle, claiming that its vodka's principal ingredient is fresh water from Lake Vatten, one of the largest natural sources in the world. (The vodka also contains 40 per cent alcohol, of course.) The drink is being launched in exclusive London bars this week and, when mixed with cranberry juice, looks set to become the tipple of choice for the health-conscious and footballers out on the razzle before the big match. Svenska goes on sale nationwide later this year. IK

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(n) Person who becomes overweight as a result of over-indulgence at the counter of the local delicatessen.