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COME BOXING DAY you may be in need of a new topic for family discussion, so you might as well go for the jugular with Dogma. Directed by Kevin "Clerks" Smith, and starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Alan Rickman, Salma Hayek and Linda Fiorentino, the plot revolves around two fallen angels who are trying to get back into heaven at the expense of mankind. It also happens to feature Alanis Morisette as God. Not the sort of film for anyone who willingly listens to "The Millennium Prayer", but who knows? This could be Life of Brian for the Zeros.

At cinemas nationwide from 26 December.


THIS YEAR'S RESCUE remedy for those suffering from gift burnout is "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" - not the original TV game, which has already sold out, but the (much better) Marks & Sparks chocolate version. Featuring 12 question cards with a progression of increasingly difficult brain-teasers, it's the ultimate multi-user, pressie, suitable for everyone from know-it-all uncles to hate-everything teenagers. The rewards, predictably, are of the cocoa variety. Sadly, no millions, but at pounds 4.99 it could just save your life.

Available at branches of Marks & Spencer

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EVEN A supermodel needs that little something extra to guarantee a wiggle in her walk midway through the party season. Everyone from Helena Christensen to Liv Tyler has been caught quaffing Go-Go Passion, hyped as a herbal Viagra for girls. The fruity energy drink from New York which contains ginseng and African aphrodisiac yohimbe has become a favourite at the city's bars and clubs. Best mixed with tequilla or rum, it's now pepping up London's private members at celeb faves Momo and St Martin's Lane hotel. Reports on its effects so far are mixed, but if Go-Go really does deliver the goods, the tabloids should have a field day.

Also available from Harvey Nichols and Jerry's Home Store (tel: 0208 998 6546 for information).

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LOSING INTEREST in knitting your imitation Jo Gordon scarf? Pepe jeans is giving you the chance to try something a bit easier with its new limited-edition T-shirt. The basic black tee (big and comfy for men, tight and sexy for women) bears the words "Embrace...", "Reject..." or "Try..." in spangly gold lettering and invites you to individualise it with your own thoughts in the spaces. The gift box comes with a choice of gold pen or iron-on transfer letters to get your message across.

`Embrace, Reject, Try' T-shirt available from Pepe Jeans, pounds 15, Neal Street, London WC1 (tel: 0171 836 7539).

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n; Eighties retro without the kitsch