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DARLING, PALE and interesting just won't work with that Agent Provocateur leopard print bikini. But this new facial tanning liquid from American company Benefit, exotically called Glamazon, should leave you looking as though you've just returned from a trip to the Brazilian rainforests. Now you can walk through the urban jungle with a bronzed confidence, lingering at the plant section of your local Sainsbury's where would-be Tarzans will be intoxicated by the jasmine ingredient. Over enthusiastic applications can be removed with cleanser.

Price: pounds 22 (tel: 0901 1130001).

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P LANNING A romantic evening with your lover has turned into a classic case of pressure versus pleasure - how on earth are we going to live up to technical preachings of the glossies, the good sex guides, et al? Thankfully, Savonnerie have come up with the Ever So Slightly Naughty Weekend Kit, the perfect starting point for a passionate night. The pack includes love soak bath salts, sensual massage oil and soap, but the real teasers are the velvet blindfold, feather, kissing syrup and body dust - very naughty but nice. Dispatch the kids, turn the lights down low,and start again from the very beginning...

Price: pounds 28.50 (tel: 0171 375 1844).

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"CARE FOR a ride?" pants Felicity. "Yeah baby, yeah," growls Austin caressing his ape-man chest and grinding his Union flag-clad hips. Not the film, not the video, but the voices of the latest Austin Powers ultra- cool action figures. Cool they may be, but action they are not. This range of figures, including Austin in his velvet suit and Dr Evil, come with their own stands and range of accessories such as the Sexy Dictionary and Austin's all-important toothbrush. Don't expect much in the way of bodily contortions, but press the right buttons and they'll go through all the chat-up lines for you. What could be more smasherific than that, baby?

Price, pounds 19.99. VinMagCo, 39 Brewer St, London W1. Mail order (tel: 0171 439 8525)

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GREAT RACING SUNDAY, 25 July, is a new annual event designed to show reluctant gamblers that there's more to racing than posh frocks and deep pockets. Ascot, Newmarket and Chester are the racecourses providing family entertainment, including bouncy castles, live bands, Velcro olympics and go-karting as well. There will also be fundraising for charities such as Great Ormond Street Hospital so try not to lose your shirt until you've made a donation. Creche facilities will be available and picnicking is positively encouraged. Entry prices are from pounds 3 per adult; accompanied children go free.

Racecourse Association (tel: 01344 625912)

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WHEN SUNSPLASH last came to the UK in 1987 it drew crowds of 250,000 and gained a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest black musical festival ever. Finally the ultimate reggae roots festival has returned to London with a special tribute show - dedicated to the memory of reggae's crown prince Dennis Brown. So if the sun is shining and you want to move your dancing feet, check out the sounds of Wyclef from the Fugees, Asian Dub Foundation and Ky-mani Marley.

Sunsplash, 11am, 1 August, Victoria Park, Bethnal Green, London E3. pounds 27. Box office (tel: 0990 321 321).