Before the week is out...Try this

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FINALLY, CONFIRMATION (as if it were needed) that Hollywood folk are "bongers". The likes of Madonna and Courtney Love apparently just can't do without, er, bongers, these large rubber balls attached to steel and wood handles that bounce up and down on your skin, giving you a DIY massage. Bonging is said to improve circulation, ease muscle tension and even help reduce the dreaded cellulite. And unlike most celebrity fads, bonging is affordable and easy to do. It's a great mood-enhancer too, whether you're the bonger or bongee. If you don't believe us, try banging your bongs with a straight face.

pounds 14.99 by mail order from The Walk-in Back Rub, 14 Neal's Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2 (tel: 0171 836 9111).