YOGA IS not something one would normally classify as a spectator sport. The Tripsichore Yoga Theatre company begs to differ and has developed yoga into a performance set to original music by Lagoon West. But what exactly is Yoga Theatre? Tripsichore's latest show is called 'Trips to Ecstasy', conjuring up a variety of cheeky possiblities, but the marketing blurb provides few clues as to what to expect. The show's not dance or theatre - it's yoga but looks like dance, and is apparently "a form of zero gravity body art". A clever ploy - if we want to find out what it's all about we'll just have go down and watch.

'Trips to Ecstasy' is at Riverside Studios, Studio 2, Crisp Road, London, W6 from 1-3 June. Tickets cost pounds 12.50 (tel: 0181 237 1111).