Online daily deals on leisure offers were most frequently launched in Beijing, while in Shanghai the majority of daily deals available in June were related to dining, found a new report by daily deal aggregation site 

The report, titled "Chinese Daily Deal Websites 2011 June Report," collected data from 149 daily deal sites across 314 Chinese cities throughout the month of June.

One aspect of the report looked at the number of daily deals in the categories of dining, leisure and lifestyle services across six major Chinese cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and Shenyang.

The report, released last week, found that daily deal sites within Beijing, in June, most frequently launched deals relating to ‘leisure,' while in Shanghai daily deal sites most frequently offered discounts relating to 'lifestyle services' and 'dining'.  

In total throughout the month of June, over 1,600 daily deals relating to leisure were offered in Beijing, almost 200 more than deals relating to dining or lifestyle services.

In Shanghai deals relating to lifestyle services in June numbered around 1,100 and dining almost 1200 - in comparison only 1000 deals were offered in the category leisure. 

Though overall the total amount of daily deals offered in Chengdu was less than the number of deals offered  in Beijing or Shanghai, dining deals were again the most frequently launched.   

In total in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province and a city of 11 million people, around 700 dining-related deals were launched in June compared to just 400 deals related to leisure and around 450 in the category lifestyle services.

Deals related to dining were also popular in Shenyang; no one type of deal was significantly more frequently launched than any other in Wuhan and Guangzhou.

According to the report the top three daily deal websites in terms of market share in June in China were tuan.qq or QQ, Meituan and Manzuo.  

Daily deal sites operate on the basis of offering a discount on a product or service, normally in the local area for a limited period of time; if enough people purchase the deal then all receive the discount, if not enough people purchase the deal then no one receives the discount and the money is returned to the buyer.  

Outside of China arguably two of the biggest names in the daily deals market are Groupon and Amazon's Living Social.