Best-selling toys and games: Bananagrams retains top spot

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With less than ten days until Christmas the battle for the best selling toys and games on Amazon comes to a close this week; in some cases surprising outside contenders such as Crayola  have risen through the ranks to claim the top spot at the last minute and in other cases long time favorite such as Bananagrams have held on to pole position. A round up of the best selling toys and games around the world is below.

The best-selling* toys and games worldwide are: Glow Magic Explosion -Crayola
($12.99/€9.81 reduced from $29.99/€22.64)  

This art set by Crayola allows children to express their creative side and  then turn the lights off and watch as their masterpieces glow in the dark. The kit contains two options a 'mobile' option for children to create spinning mobile art works and a shadow scene where children paint around the 'shadow' outlines to create a colorful background. This toy has risen through the ranks, knocking the remote controlled helicopter by Syma off the top spot, and moving into pole position. - Bananagrams Game - Winning Moves (£8.45/ €9.98 reduced from £10.00/€11.81)

This word game doesn't require a board, pens or even paper and comes in a case shaped like a banana. This game has proved to be a firm favorite amongst customers, consistently appearing in the top three best selling toys list and retaining its pole position for two weeks in a row to claim the number one spot on December 16. - Bey Blade Métal Fusion Combat Set (€59.99)

Bey Blade products are based around the popular manga style TV series BeyBlade have and have proved consistently popular on amazon France.  Bey Blade toys are loosely modeled on old style spinning tops, this product provides an arena in which to conduct 'Bey Blade battles' and contain a variety of Bey Blade accessories. - Schlag den Raab! Das Spiel (€18.38)

Translated into English as "Beat the Star! The Game," this board game is based on the popular German television series Beat the Star, which inspired the UK show of the same name. The game tests players' knowledge of trivia as well as their reaction speed, combining classic rounds from the television series with new challenges specially designed for the board game version. This is the second week in a row the game has been top of the best sellers list making it a firm Christmas favorite. ?????? OOO ( ??? ) DX ??????? (4725 Yen / €42.49)

Roughly pronounced in English as ' Rider OOO (Oz) DX Medajariba' this toy suitable for children three years and over is inspired by the popular Japanese anime series and game ' Heisei Kamen Riders'. Toys and games based on this series have proved consistently popular, dominating the top three places on the best sellers list in Japan for a number of weeks and look set to be some of the most popular toys in Japan this holiday season.

*Best-selling as defined by Amazon within the category "Toys and games" at 10:30 am GMT on December 16, 2010.