Small world: Martin Skegg and Michael Oliveira-Salac bleep and squirt their way around Tokyo in search of Japan's cutest goodies
Clockwise from right

Portable ashtray No more stubs on the pavement - but would you really want to wear it round your neck? pounds 2.50 from Tokyu Hands

Mobile phone strap In rugged camouflage, perfect for attaching to the ubiquitous combat pants. pounds 1.80 from Tokyu Hands

Sony Sports Personal Cassette/Radio The latest product to get the translucent treatment, with glowing headphones to match. With FM radio. pounds 40 from Omoden Store, Akhihabara

Pioneer PCR 30-G speaker kit Comes in a range of bright colours and folds down flat for easy portability. pounds 15 from The Loft or Kiddy Land

Panasonic TY-RM30 This teddy-bear face is actually a remote for the TV. pounds 4.40 from Omoden Store, Akihabara

Lovegety His/Hers Japanese youngsters simply press a button on their Lovegety to attract someone they fancy. Lights flash and buzz on the other person's unit. pounds 14.50, widely available

Nescafe latte This vending machine brew stays warm for 40 minutes. 60p

Lemon Tea C-1000 Hangover cure or cold remedy? With a 1,000mg vitamin C kick it's probably both. 62p

Balance Date meal replacement bar A fraction of the size of our Nutri Grain, but with just as many nutrients. 40p for a pack of three. All available from AMPM stores

Voice Activator Helium in a can - to make your voice change pitch, of course. pounds 3.40 from Tokyu Hands

Bread in a can In four flavours (this is raisin). Will last a lifetime unopened. Yum. pounds 4 from Kiddy Land

None of these products are widely available in the UK, all prices are approximate. Virgin Atlantic fly direct to Tokyo. Call 01293 747 747 for enquiries and reservations