The wet look: The Health and Efficency FUN Fund aims to generate interest in naturism this summer with a series of naked - and clothed - swims. Sponsorship packs are available from the H&E FUN Fund, 1st floor, 64 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3QR. Rather strangely, the first 10 registrations will receive a free T-shirt.

Burn this: Smooth 'n' Shine's miracle hot hair mender (pounds 5.49) heats itself on wet hair to raise the cuticle layer, so that its conditioners penetrate more deeply. No 7 Positive Action Enriched Sauna Mask (pounds 7.50) self- heats to 45C on damp skin, thanks to the clay-like material sodium silicoaluminate. Smooth 'n' Shine for Afro hair is available from Superdrug and Afro hair-care outlets; the No 7 range is available from Boots.

Stepford thighs: The Slendertone Gymbody 8 is a battery-operated muscle toning belt to use "whether you're washing up, ironing or just watching television". How attractive. It costs pounds 109, and comes with a one-year guarantee on parts - not results, unfortunately. Telephone 0345 697278.

Your good health: Roughly half of those diagnosed HIV positive usecomplementary therapy. John Stevens, director of the charity Equilibrium, says: "An estimated 40 to 60 per cent of diagnosed people in Europe now use some form of unconventional therapy in their healthcare programmes at some point." He adds that nutritional therapy, aromatherapy and Chinese medicine are among the most popular therapies, usually used to offset the side- effects of prescribed drugs.

It's only natural: UK Natural HealthWeek runs from 1-9 July this year, climaxing with the Natural Health Show at London's Olympia from 6-9 July. All the latest fads (algae-based nutrients are "in") and therapies, including Polarity. Tickets on the door: pounds 7.00, pounds 3.50 concessions, pounds 5.00 if booked in advance. Sales hotline 01733 890187.