Vanilla nice Forget sex. Today, it's nostalgia that sells perfume. After last season's dances with chocolate, just about every new fragrance boasts vanilla among its notes, there to revive fond memories of ice- cream cornets and care-free days of youth. Latest launches include Body Shop's Vanilla bath and fragrance range, Colourings Vanilla Stick - a fragranced lip and eye stick - and a new fragrance, Vanilla Musk. Roll on, Eau de Double Pecan with Chocolate Chip and Marshmallow.

Hair today Leaves may not be the only things falling this autumn. According to the Institute of Trichologists, hair loss accelerates at that time of year. Why tell you this now? Because the condition can be aggravated by over-exposure to sun and sea. Yet another reason to invest in a sun hat.

To find a trichologist near you, send an SAE to The General Secretary, The Institute of Trichologists (Incorporated), 228 Stockwell Rd, Brixton, London SW9 9SU.

Kiss-plan diet Kissing passionately for 20 minutes burns up around 26 calories. Do this four times a day for a year and you could lose up to 11 pounds. Beats going hungry.

Pep talk Take the nutritional equivalent of 75 fresh oysters a day, and you might expect to feel a little more ... frisky than usual (if you believe the old wives' tale). But the potential benefits don't end there: oysters are rich in minerals, amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins. New Ostrin Plus GTZ 611 capsule food supplement contains oyster extracts (one capsule being equivalent to 75 oysters) and taurine, the amino acid responsible for the incredible strength of the muscle that holds an oyster shell shut, and which occurs in the human heart, nerve tissues and brain. It has added ginseng and zinc, for that extra get up and, er, get up.

Ostrin Plus GTZ 611 costs pounds 24.95 for 30 capsules. For stockists, call Biologics UK Ltd on 01483 426187.