Bedside beauty

Post-op beauty treatments are now available in certain US hospitals. One offers pedicures, perms and depilatory treatments; another has its own manicurist and hair stylist, so you can look fabulous while giving birth. Better than half a pound of grapes, I suppose.

Glow away

Introducing the Ready-Brek of winter make-up: Colourings new Thermal Face Warmer SPF15 make-up is a cosmetic central heating for your face. Not only does it contain moisturisers and sunscreen to protect your skin from the ravages of winter, but it also contains ginger oil, which has an instant warming effect on the skin.

Colourings Thermal FaceWarmer SPF15, price pounds 4.95, is available in three shades from The Body Shop from 2 October.

No more bad hair days

Trichologist Philip Kingsley says he coined the term "bad hair day" and has been treating sufferers of this, and more serious hair problems, since 1955. His new book, Hair: An Owner's Handbook, promises to tell you everything you need to know about your barnet, why it behaves like it does, and what to do about it. It's straightforward information helps to dispel myths about follicle and scalp care.

'Hair: An Owner' Handbook', price pounds 12.95,is published by the Aurum Press.