Out to launch

September is product launch month and Estee Lauder has come up with Daywear Super Anti-Oxidant Complex. It looks like yoghurt but costs pounds 22.50 and is state-of-the-art skin protection against UV rays and pollution. Its other new offering is Revelation Retexturing Complex for hands and chest, a purple concoction whose unusual appearance and waxy texture makes it a must for curious guests to dip their fingers into when they visit your bathroom (and at pounds 42 a tub this could soon start to bother you).

If you prefer more straightforward moisturisers, the Body Shop's natural oils cost less than a fiver each.

Estee Lauder Daywear Super Anti-Oxidant Complex pounds 22.50, Revelation Retexturing Complex for Hands and Chest pounds 42; Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil pounds 1.30, Jojoba Oil pounds 3.25, Wheat Germ Oil pounds 1.85, Carrot Oil pounds 2.85, Evening Primrose Oil pounds 3.95.


Tea Tree Oil, an essential oil with antiseptic qualities, is the latest wonder-ingredient in cosmetics. Although Aborigines have used it to cure everything from measles to athlete's foot, over here its powers tend to be confined to blemish sticks and skin care ranges. Incidentally, despite its name, this Australian bush has nothing to do with the stuff you drink: it was so-called in 1770 when Captain Cook saw the leaves being brewed for tea. Its Aboriginal name is wirrcecoo.

T-Zone Tea Tree range comprises Gentle Cleansing Milk pounds 3.49, Refreshing Skin Toner pounds 3.49, Daily Moisturising Lotion pounds 3.79, Gel Facial Wash pounds 3.29 and a Spot Treatment Stick pounds 3.79.

Choc shock

Can't resist yet another bar of chocolate? Reach for a Bittersweet tablet first, and - the makers claim - for the next two hours anything sweet will taste repulsive. The tablets work by penetrating the outer layer of the tongue and neutralising the sweetness receptors. Unfortunately (or not) it is recommended that you only take a maximum of two tablets per day - leaving a full 20 hours free to scoff cakes.

Bittersweet is available in orange flavour and in either a two- or four- week supply, priced pounds 7.99 and pounds 12.99 respectively. For mail order details, call 0181-478 7771.

Menopause news

The Premenstrual Society (PremSoc), a national support group for women, has produced a new leaflet explaining how diet and lifestyle can determine the extent to which menopausal symptoms affect your daily life. It is written for menopausal women taking HRT and for those who are not.

For a free copy, send a DL-size stamped addressed envelope to The Premenstrual Society, PO Box 429, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 1DZ marking the envelope `Menopause leaflet'.