Scent with love

Calvin Klein's unisex CK One may be the parfum on the cognoscenti's pulse points this summer, but Swiss research shows most women prefer men with body odour - something unlike their own, at least. It's thought that this is linked with immune system traits - which influence body odour - and the survival of any offspring they may happen to have together. The exception is women on the Pill - which mimics pregnancy - who prefer men whose body odour is similar to their own. What next - fragrance targeted at different contraceptive users?


You can't help but feel that new Triple Action Flex is bound to be a sales success. First, it's a revamp of a shampoo and conditioning range that's been popular since its launch in the Seventies. Second, the new formula promises to do wonders for your hair and, third, its new ad campaign, on air next week, features "the most famous Flex user of them all" (says the press release) - Cindy Crawford. What more could you ask?

Triple Action Flex shampoos, conditioners, and 2-in-1 products, pounds 2.35 each for 300ml.

Walk this way

Want to do more to help the plight of laboratory animals than just buying cruelty-free cosmetics? Then join in a series of sponsored walks to help raise funds for the campaigning work of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). The walks take place in parklands around the country on 24 September. Dogs are welcome, and everyone who takes part will receive a free bottle of Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion.

For details contact BUAV, 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8LB, 0171-700 4888.

School for sandalwood

Most of us come across aromatherapy in reviving shampoo or relaxing bath oil, but it is also becoming more widely accepted in modern medicine. Thus the Tisserand Institute's diploma course in holistic aromatherapy now has science modules to train students in essential oil chemistry, physical anatomy and clinical medicine. The course is full time for nine months or part time for two years and costs pounds 3,232.

For further information call 01273 206640.

Herbs for hair

So many hairdressers now have their own hair care products that they need more than a famous name to sell them. The latest range to hit the shelves - Go With The Flow by the Scottish stylist Charlie Miller - uses a herbal extract mixture first referred to in The Golden Mirror of Medicine, a 12th-century Chinese manuscript, no less. Meanwhile, Sam McKnight, session stylist to the stars, has added Big Spray to his Definitive Styling Range: a root-lifting must for big hair.

Go With The Flow range available from Boots, from pounds 2.99 to pounds 5.99. Sam McKnight Definitive Styling Big Spray, price pounds 2.95.