Age concern There are now so many "anti-ageing" products available it's a wonder that anyone can still get served in a pub. Decleor's new Timecare Serum is the latest to join the wrinkle war: it is a concentrate version of their Creme Soin du Temps, containing sesame oil, Centella asiatica (a plant extract of tiger grass, originally from the Indian Ocean area, should you fancy picking some of your own) and fruity acids. At pounds 50 a bottle, though, you might prefer to grow old gracefully.

Decleor Timecare Serum is available at all Decleor approved salons, major health spas and selected Essanelle salons, Dickins & Jones, Harrods and Selfridges in London. Call 0171-262 0403 for your nearest stockist.

Sign of the times Massage comes up to date - the Shopper's Massage, available (where else?) in New York, takes the ache out of shoulders that have carried one too many carrier bags and no doubt helps to make that credit card just a little bit more flexible too.

Baby food Taking folic acid during the first stage of pregnancy helps to prevent spina bifida and other neural tube defects. However, in spite of government advice that all women planning a pregnancy should take a folic acid supplement on a regular basis, and continue to do so until the 12th week, a recent survey by Sanatogen found that 66 per cent of women did not know that folic acid helped to prevent such defects, or when they should take it. And a survey conducted by Leeds General Infirmary found that fewer than 20 per cent of pregnant mothers had increased their folic acid intake. Some experts believe the answer lies in fortifying food so that all women of childbearing age are likely to receive the recommended daily dosage. In the meantime, pop those supplement pills.

Sanatogen Pronatal Multivitamin supplement contains the European recommended daily dosage. Available in bottles of 60 tablets for pounds 4.79.

Head case According to the hairdresser Daniel Field, anecdotal evidence suggests that schizophrenics require fewer drug treatments after a haircut. The psychologist Ingrid Collins feels that the relationship any client has with a hairdresser has therapeutic benefits. "When we feel we are being cherished, paid attention to, and then see ourselves looking our best, we have enhanced self-image and confidence," she says. And hey, you wanted a trim.

Daniel Field salons - Glasgow, Barnet, Crouch End and Broadwick Street, London.

Claim of the week "No 7's New Positive Action Hydrating Cleanser with AHA is a unique wash-away cleanser that will quite simply revolutionise your cleansing and moisturising routine." No, the Tooting Popular Front aren't coming to your bathroom: instead we have a product that promises to improve the clarity, texture and tone of your skin in just one week. And the price of the skin-care uprising? Only pounds 7.50 for 150ml.