Lip service

Lip balm: who doesn't have some, even if it is gathering fluff in the pocket of last winter's coat? Now comes E45 Lipcare, straight from the same straightforward and sensible school of skincare as its sister, E45 Cream. With UV filters and moisturisers and a well-respected name, it is bound to be a bestseller. Meanwhile, Nature's VyrBrit claims to help avert cold sores - good news for the UK's 12 million sufferers. Its key ingredient comes from lemon balm, and it, too, contains UV filters. Just as well: lips don't have oil glands and do not contain melanin, the skin's own sun protection system.

E45 Lipcare lip salve, pounds 1.59. Nature's VyrBrit salve and cream, both pounds 5.25. Pharmacies and health-food stores.