Alan Bennett starts out with courage high and voice aglow to read Philip Larkin's High Windows (Faber Penguin, 45mins, pounds 8.99) but even his resilient benevolence falters in the face of our most brilliant curmudgeon's absence of faith and cruelly sharp observation of humankind. Far too true for comfort. Perfect listening for one of those days when you decide to curl up with your depression and enjoy it.

Prefer escapism? Nothing will do the trick faster than Michael Palin's excellent rendering of Group-Captain Bigglesworth and his chums in a post- war Captain W E Johns adventure, Biggles Flies North (BBC, 1hr, 45mins, pounds 8.99). Plenty of thrills in the Alaskan wastes, to say nothing of intrepid aviators larking about on Heinkel wings and lining up villains in the sights of their tommyguns.