Booting up, logging on: what to consider when thinking about home broadband


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In our current digital age, staying connected has never been more important. Given that shopping and working online can now happen 24 hours a day, one of the chief considerations for any consumer has become quality home broadband.

With Internet speeds set to increase across the UK this year, it is also a case of staying on top of the latest deals and technologies, ensuring you get what you pay for. A spokesperson for BT confirms: ‘Speeds of up to 80mbps will be available to 10 million homes this year and that number will rise over the next few years to close to 90 per cent of all residencies, with the help of government funds’.

The UK is now paving the way as the world’s seventh-largest country in terms of broadband subscribers. With countless deals on offer, it is crucial to be informed about the essential aspects of your home broadband, before you take the leap of faith that could define your online experience.

Download limit

Ensuring that you choose the right download limit for your personal Internet usage will mean that you don’t end up paying more than you have to, or alternatively, going over your limit.

As a general rule, light broadband users should pick a package with a limit of between 1 and 10 GB, whereas those who browse the web and download a lot of data should consider between 30 and 40 GB per month.


A popular tool that could greatly improve your chances of better internet, the broadband speed test can easily be carried out to analyse any type of connection, including ADSL, cable and fibre-optic and 3G mobile. Conducting a speed test is quick, easy and free, and may well be an essential wake-up call for you to switch providers if the speed you are getting is not up to scratch.

Location, location, location

According to the Global Online Shopper Report, the average UK consumer now spends 25 per cent of their annual salary online, and around six hours a month shopping on the web. Thus, ensuring that your chosen home broadband gets reception in your particular area is crucial. Most providers will allow you to check this online, simply by entering your postcode.

Packages and prices

With today’s competitive market, it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of low-cost offers, which may end with you paying much more once you read the small print. Dominic Baliszewski, a broadband website representative, warns, ‘Don’t be dazzled by the lowest cost, as package features such as download allowance, connection speed and contract length will all impact upon your experience as a customer’.

Keeping informed, and being able to stay savvy in the face of tempting deals, is key to selecting your ideal home broadband. Other nuggets of know-how, including being able to conduct a speedtest, will also greatly decrease your chances of disappointment and frustration in your home broadband package.