Box Clever: Frights of your life

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Psycho Alfred Hitchock's classic chiller has aged well. As Barker says, who has never thought of this film at some point while taking a shower?

The Haunting Based on the novel by Shirley Jackson, this is a genuinely scary ghost story about an evil house.

The Masque of the Red Death Roger Corman's sumptuous reading of Edgar Allan Poe stars Vincent Price as a devil-worshipping Italian prince.

Halloween John Carpenter's archetypal suburban stalk'n'slash shocker features many "jump out of your skin" moments.

The Company of Wolves Neil Jordan allows his visual imagination full rein in this striking reading of the creepy fairytale by Angela Carter.

The Unnameable Returns. This rarely-seen demon-in- a-haunted-house spooker is based on a novel by HP Lovecraft.