The Very Best of Blackadder (15) BBC, pounds 12.99 (right) A nostalgic reminder of where Rowan Atkinson's real talent lies - playing an evil bastard. This excellent collection observes three generations of the beastly Blackadder. With Stephen Fry, Tim McInnerny, Tony Robinson and Miranda Richardson. HHHH

A Little Princess (U), Warner, pounds 9.99. Based on the children's novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a precocious young girl is sent away from her ex-pat father to an austere boarding school in New York. Her nauseating self-satisfaction in overcoming hardship is unbearable. H

The Jane Fonda Workout (E) Warner, pounds 9.99. If you're into bobbing about in front of the telly in your headband and leg-warmers, the ageing queen of the calf muscle offers training and toning for obscure parts of the body in this four-piece video series. Just make sure that you keep the curtains closed. HH

Soldier, Soldier (U) Carlton, pounds 9.99. New recruits join the customary cast of the King's Own Fusiliers as they march forwards with six more instalments. This is the series that sadly gave rise to the singing careers of Robson and Jerome. For this, its creators can never be forgiven. H

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