The Tony Ferrino Phenomenon (12) (BBC pounds 10.99) "The Latin Casanova", the latest of Steve Coogan's cult characters, reveals the secret of his oily success in this extravaganza of music, dance and facial hair. Includes an interview with Kim Wilde and the chilling Silence of the Lambs - The Musical.

Pingu The Superhero (U) (BBC pounds 9.99) Providing top adult as well as children's entertainment, this mischievous piece of Plasticine from the South Pole wreaks havoc in a red cape, participates in a fishing competition and builds a paper plane. Eight classic Antarctic adventures make a perfect antidote to Teletubbies.

Only Fools and Horses Trilogy (PG) (BBC boxed set pounds 39.99, right) Having kept over 20 million people glued to their screens last Christmas, this mini-series follows Rodney's efforts to keep up with a sex programme, Del's efforts to shift 125 volatile Latvian radio alarms and the Trotter family's attempts to become millionaires.

Game On - The Second Series (15) (VCI pounds 13.99) Lauded lager-lout sitcom offers a smutty look into the angst-ridden lives of three mismatched flatmates. Matthew reconciles himself with his agoraphobia, Mandy declares herself to be celibate, and desperado Martin has his eye on a young nurse.