Sharpe - The Legend (PG) (Carlton pounds 12.99, right) With the news of Napoleon's escape from the island of Elba, heroic hard man Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) reunites with his "chosen men" Harris, Dogman and Harper and leads them in a series of daredevil raids designed to discover Napoleon's troops' positions.

One Foot In The Grave - Starbound (12) (BBC pounds 10.99)

Despite plans to broadcast it this autumn, the BBC have released last year's Christmas special on retail. As a hernia operation looms and a strange man moves into his garden shed, Victor Meldrew remains disconcertingly full of the joys of spring.

Sanders of the River (U) (Carlton pounds 12.99) Based on Edgar Wallace's novel, a British commander in West Africa attempts to free a slave convoy being sold by a remote tribe. A rather smug picture from the Korda collection that was slated by one of its actors, Paul Robeson, for its jingoism.

The Complete Mr Bean (U) (VCI pounds 14.99) In a series of sketches that have never been broadcast, Rowan Atkinson's gurning alter ego causes chaos at a bus stop having missed his bus and wreaks havoc in a public library. Enough to try the patience of a saint.