Dance With The Teletubbies (BBC (U) pounds 9.99)

In a kaleidoscopic world governed by cooing soft-toys (right), a baby- faced sun gurgles over a landscape of rolling hills and talking flowers. Teletubbies have surpassed their pre-school standing with their new-found adult audience.

Porridge - No Way Out (BBC (PG) pounds 10.99)

Here's your chance to own the cream of the Ronnie Barker repertoire. World-weary Fletcher (Barker) is enrolled by the fearsome Harry Grout in an escape attempt, while the sadistic and face-twitching Mr Mackay cancels Christmas.

Full Circle with Michael Palin (Boxed set) (BBC (PG) pounds 29.99)

In the course of their journey, the Palin entourage travelled on 22 trains, 37 ships, 16 helicopters and carried 500 kilos of film. Full Circle records Michael Palin's exploration of some of the richest communities and most beautiful landscapes in the world.

People's Century (Boxed set) (BBC (12) pounds 99.99)

Excellent film footage and intelligent commentary inform this ground-breaking 26-part series. Utilising the views of ordinary people, it creates a rich portrait of events that shaped the tumultuous course of 20th-century history.