Have I Got News For You - The Official Pirate Video (15) VCI, pounds 14.99 Angus Deayton's eyebrows do overtime in this special edition of unbroadcastable footage from the satirical quiz. Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey outwit the studio audience to name the country's most loathed politician. HHHH

Doctor Who: E-Space Gift Set (PG) BBC, pounds 34.99 Swamp monsters, RSC-style vampires and intergalactic slave traders populate this mix of space opera, gothic melodrama and science fiction. Though the action is set in two different universes, there is, of course, no location work beyond the M25. HHHHH

They Think It's All Over - Full Throttle (15) BBC, pounds 14.99 Yet another programme in support of the laddish code of conduct. Gary Lineker and Rory McGrath compete with David Gower for supremacy in an extended edition of this reprehensible sports quiz. All hail A Question of Sport! HH

It's Ulrika! BBC, pounds 12.99 From TVam weather girl to Gladiators presenter to Shooting Stars superwoman, this collection of clips from all three programmes suggest that Ulrika Jonsson really isn't sure where her career is headed. Away from the clutches of Hunter, one hopes. HHH

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