Two Fat Ladies (E) VCI, pounds 13.99 Paying close heed to their motto "There is no substitute for cream", Jennifer and Clarissa baste, fry and whisk their way around the princely kitchens of the British Isles, using the freshest and fattiest ingredients available. Not forgetting the generous portions of irreverent wit. HHHHH

Stand Still - Be Fit (E) C4, pounds 10.99 This Chinese exercise programme, endorsed by C4 in a series last year, offers a holistic approach to fitness that claims to revolutionise your life and increase your energy... while standing still. Only to be used after a healthy session with Jennifer and Clarissa. HH

This Life (18) BBC, pounds 14.99 (right) Sex, drug-taking, infidelity and battling women are just a smidgen of the delights to be found in one episode of This Life, the series that offers unprecedented insight into the habits of the common solicitor. A fine advert for faltering law schools.


The Lakes (18) BBC, pounds 19.99

Another winner for Jimmy McGovern, writer of Cracker and Priest, in his searing semi-autobiographical story of gambler and philanderer Danny Kavanagh who, having squandered his dole cheque, attempts a fresh start in the Lake District. HHHHH