Rosemary Conley's Ultimate Fat Burner VCI, pounds 12.99 (right) Rosemary Conley, joins eight "carefully selected" women (what were their prerequisites, one wonders?) to burn off the excesses of Christmas with two exercise programmes. There is also fatuous advice on how not to balloon at Christmas. HH

An Audience With Alf Garnett (18), Astrion, pounds 12.99 In a special edition considered too extreme for television, the flag-flyer of political incorrectness and legendary star of Til Death Do Us Part shares his feelings on Royalty, sex, booze and football. Old Git-ism is at least preferable to New Laddism. HHH

High, Wide and Hansen - A Footballers Nightmare (12) Carlton, pounds 12.99 Frayed tempers, referee fouls and a host of unfortunate cock-ups shape ex-Liverpool star Alan Hansen's collection of footballing nightmares. Brilliantly funny footage, but slightly marred by the irritating Kevin Connolly voice-over. HHH

Brookside: The Lost Weekend (18) Polygram, pounds 12.99 A specially-commissioned, feature-length edition released as a "stand- alone drama" that promises to "shock and entertain". So good in fact that Polygram have refused to hand out review copies in case we spoil the surprise.