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1 (1) Goldeneye (pounds 2,549,683) UK

2 (-) The Santa Clause (pounds 852,101) US

3 (2) Crimson Tide (pounds 335,031) US

4 (-) Murder in the First (pounds 267,406) US

5 (-) Candyman 2 (pounds 226,413) US

6 (3) Pocahontas (pounds 164,333) US

7 (5) French Kiss (pounds 117,228) US

8 (4) A Walk in the Clouds (pounds 80,720) US

9 (8) To Die For (pounds 62,907) US

10 (9) Braveheart (pounds 61,622) US

Chart supplied by Screen International

Goldeneye remains at the top with a total gross of pounds 8,104,210. Jingling at its heels is the surprisingly good The Santa Clause, the surprisingly bad Murder in the First and the unsurprisingly ugly Candyman 2. But can people really still be going to see French Kiss? And A Walk in the Clouds? Who are these lost souls? More to the point, what can be done to keep them in their homes, away from sharp objects and under constant surveillance?

(All figures denote weekend box-office only)