Brands' fan index: iTunes and Amazon on Twitter, YouTube and Coca-Cola on Facebook

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A recap of this week's top product brands on Facebook and Twitter recorded on Friday, January 7 at 12:30 GMT.


This week, the top two product brands on Facebook were video sharing site YouTube (!/youtube) and soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola (!/cocacola).  Both YouTube and Coca Cola also appeared on the Twitter top brands chart, in third and ninth position respectively.

iTunes trailers (@itunestrailers) topped this week's Twitter charts and Amazon MP3 (@amazonmp3) came in second place. Like many other brands, Amazon MP3 uses the micro-blogging site Twitter to offer fans daily deals, in this case downloads from the Amazon music site.

Bottom of this week's Facebook charts was games console company PlayStation with 7,812,991 fans; energy drinks brand Red Bull, ranked number three in the Facebook charts, appeared bottom of the Twitter rankings with 181,463 followers.

As of 12:30 GMT on Friday, January 7, the top brands on Facebook and Twitter under the category "product brands" were:


01.       YouTube (total fans: 25,684,986)
02.       Coca-Cola (total fans: 21,714,411)
03.       Oreo (total fans: 16,278,297)
04.       Red Bull (total fans: 14,789,821)
05.       Skittles (total fans: 14,722,502)
06.       Converse All Star (total fans: 12,278,552)
07.       iTunes (total fans: 12,278,552)
08.       Windows Live Messenger (total fans: 9,437,475)
09.       Pringles (total fans: 8,717,520)
10.       PlayStation (total fans: 7,812,991)


01.       iTunes Trailers (total followers: 1,566,736)
02.       Amazon MP3 (total followers: 1,509,917)
03.       YouTube (total followers: 1,404,239)
04.       Digg 2000 (total followers: 1,319,499)
05.       iTunes (total followers: 652,365)
06.       iTubes Music (total followers:652,365)
07.       PlayStation (total followers: 583, 887)
08.       Adidas Running (total followers: 288,724)
09.       Coca-Cola (total followers: 181,750)
10.       Red Bull (total followers: 181,463)