Responding to tweets mentioning their brand by confronting the Tweeter with a camera crew and a box of products has spelled advertising success for one snack brand.

This week's new entry in the Twitter charts is Wheat Thins, an American snack food produced by Kraft Foods. The brand's entry in this week's charts can be largely attributed to a unique advertising campaign it is running on Twitter.

With the Twitter handle @crunchiscalling, the Wheat Thins team monitors Twitter for any comments about the brand. Having chosen a tweet, the team loads up a branded van with Wheat Thins and a camera crew and confronts the tweeter, leaving the surprised consumer with a box of Wheat Thins. The entire episode is filmed and then put on YouTube and TV to further advertise the brand.

The full range of adverts, known as "Wheat Thins twitterventions," can be viewed on YouTube at

In this week's Facebook charts, clothing brand Converse All Star and confectionery brand Kit Kat make re-entries, games console Xbox climbs six places and YouTube retains pole position.  

As of Thursday, February 10, the ten biggest product brands on Facebook and Twitter in terms of "fans today" and "followers today" (with "+/-" indicating a change from last week's position), according to*, were:


01.   YouTube (+2,843 fans today) no change
02.   PlayStation (+1,399 fans today) no change
03.   Xbox (+964 fans today) +6
04.   Disneyland (+851 fans today) no change
05.   iTunes (+754 fans today) +1
06.   Adobe Photoshop (+698 fans today) no change
07.   Red Bull (+596 fans today) +2
08.   Skittles (+562 fans today) no change
09.   Kit Kat (+541 fans today) re-entry
10.   Converse All Star (+528 fans today) re-entry


01.   YouTube (+905 followers today) no change
02.   iTunes (+226 followers today) no change
03.   iTunes Music (+226 followers today) no change
04.   PlayStation (+178 followers today) no change
05.   Adidas Running (+131 followers today) no change
06.   Apple App Store (+121 followers today) +1
07.   Adobe Creative Suite (+81) -1
08.   Wheat Thins (+59 followers today) new entry
09.   Xbox (+46 followers today) no change
10.   Coca-Cola (+30 followers today) re-entry

* Fanpagelist (  provides daily rankings of brands' Facebook fans and Twitter followers.