Instant messenger aggregation service eBuddy debuts in the Facebook brand charts in third position and Adobe Photoshop enters in seventh. In the Twitter charts, Disneyland, iTunes Trailers and innovative sharing site Digg are all re-entries this week.


The eBuddy site combines MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTALK, Facebook chat, ICQ and My Space instant messenger services in to one site -

A mobile application of the eBuddy service won the Best Mobile User Experience catergory in the recent Mashable awards, held on January 6 by technology and social media blog Mashable. The fact that eBuddy allows users to access Facebook chat probably accounts for the service's rising popularity on the social networking site.

The other new entry in this week's Facebook charts is popular illustration and photo editing tool Adobe Photoshop. The brand regularly engages with its fans via Facebook, asking questions such as "Who is your all time favorite visual artist?" and "Do you use a tablet when using Photoshop?"; most recently the brand asked users to submit images created using Photoshop of the recently discovered rocky planet Kepler-10b.

Amusement park Disneyland, Apple's iTunes Trailers and the latest version of the innovative information sharing site Digg ( were all re-entries in this week's Twitter charts. Users of Digg submit a variety of content from around the web to the site; users then have a chance to "Digg it," whether it is a news story, video or image, and the top rated content is then pushed to the top of the site.

As of Thursday, January 20, the ten biggest product brands on Facebook and Twitter in terms of "fans today" and "followers today" (with (+ /-) indicating a change from last week's position), according to*, were:


01.   Coca-Cola (+3,487 fans today) re-entry
02.   Pepsi (+2,016 fans today) +6
03.   eBuddy (+1,926 fans today) new entry
04.   Skype (+1,392 fans today) re-entry
05.   YouTube (+1,296 fans today) -4
06.   PlayStation (+979 fans today) -3
07.   Adobe Photoshop (+957 fans today) new entry
08.   Sprite (+899 fans today) -6
09.   Disneyland (+796 fans today) +5
10.    Oreo (+534 fans today) re-entry


01.   iTunes Trailers (+474 followers today) re-entry
02.   YouTube (+460 followers today) -1
03.   PlayStation (+130 followers today) +1
04.   iTunes (+97 followers today) -2
05.   iTunes Music (+97 followers today) -2
06.   Adidas Running (+63 followers today) -1
07.   Xbox (+27 followers today) -1
08.   Disneyland (+20 followers today) re-entry
09.   Digg 2000 (+16 followers today) re-entry
10.   Skype (+15 followers today) -3

* Fanpagelist (  provides daily rankings of brands' Facebook fans and Twitter followers.