New entries and re-entries dominate this week's charts and energy drinks brand Red Bull glide back in to pole position after dropping out of last week's top ten, PlayStation and Xbox also make strong re-entries and new comer SKYPE goes straight in at number 5.

Well known for their sponsorship of extreme and unusual sports energy drink brand Red Bull shoot back to the top of this week's charts after a series of base-jumping, speed flying and other extreme videos lead fans flocking to become the brand's Facebook fans. 'Speed flying' which is described as a mixture of skiing, paragliding and skydiving in the Red Bull video an extreme sports enthusiasts glides down a mountain along cables suspended off the ground  using only a parachute and skis.

New entry Adidas Football (different to Adidas) has been attracting around 2,000 fans a day on Facebook and the brand makes its debut entry in second position on this week's rankings.  The brand's steadily rising popularity is most likely due to promotions that it has been offering on twitter and a video  entitled 'Danger makes legends' on its Facebook page; added October 18 the video shows footballers from the Facebook user's corresponding country showing their skills.

Also in this week's charts games consoles battle in out as PlayStation make a re-entry into this week's charts ahead of their rivals Xbox in eighth place; despite recent connectivity problems new entry  internet calling service Skype goes straight into fifth place and Coca-Cola drops to seventh position.

As of Thursday, December 23, the ten biggest product brands on Facebook in terms of "fans today" (with (+ /-) indicating a change from last week's position), according to* were:

1.       Red Bull (+7,512 fans today) re-entry
2.       Adidas Football (+2,258 fans today) new entry
3.       YouTube (+2,023 fans today) -2
4.       PlayStation (+1,708 fans today) re-entry
5.       Skype (+1,617 fans today) new entry
6.       Disneyland (+1,242 fans today) -1
7.       Coca-Cola (+1,161 fans today) -4
8.       Xbox (+897 fans today) re-entry
9.       iTunes (+890 fans today) +1
10.   Ferrero Rocher (+860 fans today) -3

* Fanpagelist (  provides daily rankings of brand's Facebook fans and twitter followers.