Chocolate spread Nutella made its debut entry into this week's Facebook charts, and Samsung Mobile was one of several new entries in the Twitter top ten after tweeting about its new smartphone, the Infuse.


Two new entries, chocolate spread Nutella and soft drink brand Sprite, chart in this week's Facebook brand rankings.

As of 11 am GMT Sprite has a total of 2,478,581 Facebook fans and the brand regularly receives comments on its wall praising the lemon-flavored soft drink.

Chocolate spread Nutella makes this week's charts as fans flock to the brand's official and unofficial Facebook pages to find more information about World Nutella Day. Though there is no mention of the global event on the brand's official page, the unofficial Facebook page, with 14,063 fans, decrees February 5, 2011 the fifth annual World Nutella Day.

The event can be followed on Facebook at , on Twitter at @nutelladay or via the website at

Three new entries, Samsung Mobile, iTunes TV and Coca-Cola, are included in this week's Twitter charts.

The  inclusion of Samsung Mobile in this week's charts can most likely be attributed to fans trying to follow the brand at the recent tech event CES, which was held in Las Vegas from January 6-9.

At CES, Samsung Mobile announced the release of the Infuse range of 4G-enabled smartphones. The brand has been tweeting images of its latest phone as well as details of its Samsung Media Hub Movie Awards, offering fans a chance to win $10,000 (€7,610) by uploading a short film shot on a Samsung phone.

As of Thursday, January 13, the ten biggest product brands on Facebook and Twitter in terms of "fans today" and "followers today" (with (+ /-) indicating a change from last week's position), according to*, were:


01.   YouTube (+1,671 fans today) no change
02.   Sprite (+1,348 fans today) new entry
03.   PlayStation (+1,281 fans today) +1
04.   Disneyland (+1,228 fans today) +1
05.   Ferrero Rocher (+1,174 fans today) -2
06.   Kit Kat (+1,061 fans today) re-entry
07.   iTunes (+939 fans today) -1
08.   Pepsi (+905 fans today) re- entry
09.   Nutella (+850 fans today) new entry
10.   Xbox (+814 fans today) no change


01.   YouTube (+1,959 followers today) no change
02.   iTunes (+232 followers today) +2
03.   iTunes Music (+232 followers today) +1
04.   PlayStation (+221 followers today) +1
05.   Adidas Running (+92 followers today) +1
06.   Xbox (+52 followers today) +2
07.   Skype (+31 followers today) +3
08.   Samsung Mobile (+29 followers today) new entry
09.   iTunes TV (+29 followers today) new entry
10.   Coca-Cola (+28 followers today) new entry

* Fanpagelist (  provides daily rankings of brands' Facebook fans and Twitter followers.