Brands' fan trends: YouTube tops charts, Dr Pepper and Apple's app store debut

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This week's charts were comprised of two new entries, Dr Pepper and Apple's App Store, and several re-entries including Skittles, Red Bull and Coca-Cola.

Video sharing site YouTube climbs to the top of both this week's Facebook and Twitter charts overtaking Coca-Cola and iTunes Trailers in the respective rankings.

Confectionery brand Skittles , games console Xbox , Apple's iTunes and energy drink Red Bull all re-enter this week's Facebook charts and soft drinks brand Dr Pepper makes its debut.

Dr Pepper's Facebook page contains an 'offers' section where the brand highlights special discounts or deals on the soft drink in retailers such as American store Target.  

Apple's App Store , where users of iPhones, iPods and iPads can download add-ons for their device, debuts in the Twitter charts in fourth position. The brand regularly posts information regarding app updates and offers on its Facebook wall.

Games console Xbox fell three places in the Twitter charts, marking the biggest change of position this week.  

As of Thursday, January 27, the ten biggest product brands on Facebook and Twitter in terms of "fans today" and "followers today" (with (+ /-) indicating a change from last week's position), according to*, were:


01.   YouTube (+2,085 fans today) +4
02.   Coca-Cola (+935 fans today) -1
03.   PlayStation (+737 fans today) +3
04.   Skittles (+703 fans today) re-entry
05.   Xbox (+675 fans today) re-entry
06.   Red Bull (+669 fans today) re-entry
07.   iTunes (+599 fans today) re-entry
08.   Adobe Photoshop (+457 fans today) -1
09.   Disneyland (+392 fans today) no change
10.   Dr Pepper (+368 fans today) new entry


01.   YouTube (+479 followers today) +1
02.   iTunes Trailers (+422 followers today) -1
03.   PlayStation (+369 followers today) no change
04.   Apple App Store (+221 followers today) new entry
05.   iTunes (+122 followers today) -1
06.   iTunes Music (+122 followers today) -1
07.   Adidas Running (+58 followers today) -1
08.   Coca-Cola (+55 followers today) re-entry
09.   Digg 2000 (+47 followers today) no change
10.   Xbox (+42 followers today) -3

* Fanpagelist (  provides daily rankings of brands' Facebook fans and Twitter followers.