Forget Heisenberg this is Sassyberg

Forget Breaking Bad.. this is Breaking Fab.

Jesse Pinkman, real name Aaron Paul, posted these fantastic pictures of his ‘partner’ Walter White (actor Bryan Cranston) larking around on the set of Breaking Bad. It turns out Mr White is really a pink man too!

Producer Moira Walley-Beckett tweeted the pictures earlier this week, explaining:  “Ok. So I went to ABQ to produce the season 2 finale because Vince [creator of the show Vince Gilligan] was too slammed, and (Spoiler. Fucking get up to speed) that was the plane crash episode..And if you recall, we had Walt wearing a pink sweater that matched the teddy bear. And one of the wardrobe gals had a matching bag, so Bryan, notorious clown that he is, couldn't resist.”

Aaron Paul posted all four pictures on Instagram on Tuesday writing “I miss this man!” We do too, Jesse, Aaron, we do too.