There was plenty of action on this deal from match play. Both Souths opened Three Spades, and both Wests overcalled with Four Hearts.

One North decided to double this and, if he had started with the ace and another club, the penalty would have been 800 points. Not unnaturally, however, he led 410 and declarer was able to play an early round of trumps and so hold his loss to 500.

At the other table, North made the odd decision to go on to Four Spades rather than double. West doubled this and started with !A to expose the position in the suit. He might easily have switched to 2K now but, resisting temptation, he tried #K. His idea was to with the first round of trumps, put his partner in with a heart ruff, and trump a diamond return.

South was able to read West's intentions. After winning with #A he did not play trumps but led the ace and another club. When East played low, South discarded a heart from hand - the so-called Scissors Coup - cuting his opponents' communications. West won with 29, but now there was no way to put his partner in for the diamond ruff.

East could have frustrated South's plan if he had gone up with 210 on the second club lead. Then declarer could not have avoided the threatened diamond ruff.

Game all; dealer South



!J 10 4 2

#A Q 10 5

2A 5 4 3

West East

4A 9 44 3 2

!A K 9 8 7 3 !Q

#K #9 8 6 4 2

2K Q 9 8 210 7 6 2


4K Q J 8 7 6 5

!6 5

#J 7 3