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The end-play that resulted on this deal was of an unusual nature. East found himself in difficulties for a discard in spite of having at least two tricks still to come.

North opened One Club and South, dithering beween Two Clubs and Three Clubs, finally compromised by bidding One No-trump. Well, we all do these things in order to become declarer. North raised to game and West led the #K against Three No-trumps.

It was routine for declarer to duck the first two rounds of the suit, but a third diamond forced dummy's ace. It looked very much as though West had started with five diamonds and that the contract would depend on finding East with the 2A.

A low club went to the king and the news was mixed: the king won but West showed out, discarding a spade. There seemed to be only eight tricks now but, placing West with the long spades since he had discarded one, South played off three rounds of the suit.

The last spade embarrassed East. If he threw a club, declarer would have time to give up two tricks to the queen and ace so, reluctantly, East threw a heart.

South now cashed three rounds of hearts, then led a club to the ten and queen. At trick twelve, East had to lead from his 2A,9 up to dummy's 2J,6 and so give South his ninth trick.