A pounds 2.5m 'S'-shaped footbridge will link two quays joined only by the Docklands Light Railway. The design

won a London Docklands Development Corporation competition. The 140m-long bridge will link South Quay and Heron Quays, where a smaller bridge will give direct access to Canary Wharf.

The new bridge (see artist's impression right) will be built in two sections, one fixed and the other able to rotate around the central 'mast' holding the cables supporting the bridge below. This feature - seen only in a similar bridge built for Glasgow's Garden Festival in 1988 - allows the moveable part to swing round until it is parallel with the dockside, so yachts can pass.

The LDDC plans to extend Heron quayside, reducing the bridge span to 70m. The fixed span will be removed, leaving the rotating section. It has been designed by engineers Jan Bobrowski and Partners and Chris Wilkinson Architects. Judges praised its graceful curve, offering different views to pedestrians.

Cynthia Grant, LDDC executive director of transport planning, said: 'It will look really good from above, like two sailing ships. And as a pedestrian, it will look as if you are walking on a boat.' Work starts in February and should be completed by September.

(Photograph omitted)