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Yellow Pages has launched a guide to UK-related information on the World Wide Web. It is called Yell and has three services. UK Yellow Web is a British version of Yahoo, with a directory, a search system and "features", which is designed to help browsers wander around the Web. Film Finder provides details of features showing in 400 cinemas across the UK, and includes plot summaries. Electronic Yellow Pages is what it sounds like. Yell is also trying, with .net magazine, to establish a British version of the Cool Site of the Day - you can nominate your own site and, possibly, win pounds 1,000. Find it all at

New Scientist's Planet Science web site ( is adding a Grand Tours section which rounds up travel destinations across the UK of special scientific interest. It also now has a web site of the day, with great inventions and discoveries made each day in history.

Next week, a special section on the growing world of online services. How you can find everything from a complete European train timetable to the latest free software at the press of a button. Who's who in the online industry - can Microsoft take on established giant CompuServe? And will online services be able to hold their own against the Internet's World Wide Web?